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The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan (EDWM)

Emmanuel Episcopal Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. The EDWM is comprised of 15,000 communicants in 60 communities of faith, including 4 seasonal chapels, on the west side of Michigan stretching from the Straits of Mackinac to the Indiana border.  The diocese is led by a bishop who serves as the chief pastor of all churches in the diocese. Our current bishop is the Rt. Rev. Whayne M. Hougland, Jr., consecrated in September 2013. To learn more about the diocese, check out the diocesan website at http://www.edwm.org/index.htm.

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan is one of 110 dioceses, primarily in the United States, that make up the Episcopal Church, which is headquartered in New York City. The Episcopal Church is led by a presiding bishop, who serves for nine years. The current Presiding Bishop is the Most Rev. Michael B. Curry. For more information, visit the online home of the Episcopal Church. While you're there, search for "Glossary of Church Terms," a great reference when you encounter unfamiliar church vocabulary.

The Anglican Communion

The Episcopal Church is one of 44 member churches in the worldwide Anglican Communion, a group of mostly national churches that have historical ties to the Church of England. The Anglican Communion is led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt. Honourable and Most Rev. Justin Welby and its seat is in Canterbury, England. To learn more about ties between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, as well as the work of the Communion around the world, go to the following websites:

The Episcopal Church

The Anglican Communion

Compass Rose

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